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SIPAZ Report Vol. XXII Nº 3 - October 2017

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SIPAZ Report Vol. XXII Nº 2 - June 2017

We moved!

SIPAZ Office in Chiapas

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Ver en línea 'Que el corazón no esté partido'

Documental de SIPAZ producido por Koman-Ilel,
en el marco del 20º Aniversario de
SIPAZ – Servicio Internacional para la Paz

Publicación de SIPAZ

Notice to our readers:

On December 21st, we suffered a cyber-attack to our webpage which left it useless. Given the characteristics of the attack, our back-up files were also affected. Due to this reason, we were unable to use them to restore its operation, even partially.
From the moment the problem was detected, we have been working to recuperate the information which constitutes the historical archives SIPAZ has constructed throughout our 20 years of work.
We managed to recuperate the content of the archives and will store it in a new platform that offers greater security and better tools for its development.
In immediate terms, a version that, from now on will be absolutely rethought and redesigned while the site can be visited and toured in full, is available on-line.
We appreciate your comprehension.