SIPAZ Activities (August – October 2000)


1st of January

In all five newly constructed “Aguascalientes“, the EZLN simultaneously announces (Fourth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle) the creation of the Zapatista Front for National Liberation (FZLN), a new political force intended to be independent, peaceful and not affiliated with any political party.

4-8th of January

A National Indigenous Forum takes place, which is convened by the EZLN and attracts more than 300 indigenous representatives from at least 35 indigenous communities. The participants agree to call for the formation of the National Indigenous Congress.

30th of January

First Declaration in La Realidad, Against Neoliberalism and for Humanity. It calls for the holding of continental meetings and the first Intercontinental meeting for Humanity and against Neoliberalism.

16th of February

After five months of negotiations, the government and the EZLN sign the first agreements on Indigenous Rights and Culture in San Andres.

4-8th of April

First Continental Meeting for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism, organized by the EZLN in la Realidad.

30th of June to 6th of July

Special Forum for State Reform held in San Cristóbal as part of the second round of negotiations.

27th of July-3rd of August

The first Intercontinental Meeting for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism is held, organized by the EZLN in Chiapas, also known as the “Intergalactic Meeting.” Nearly 5,000 people from 42 countries take part.

3rd of September

The EZLN decides to withdraw from the negotiations as the conditions deemed necessary for the credibility of the process have not been complied with: liberation of all Zapatista prisoners; a government commission with decision-making capacity and respect for the Zapatista delegation; the installation of the Commission of Verification and Follow-up (COSEVER); serious and concrete proposals for the 2nd Round on “Democracy and Justice,” and the end of the climate of military and police persecution of the indigenous communities.

12th of October

Participation of Commander Ramona in the National Indigenous Congress held in Mexico City.

29th of November

COCOPA presents a proposal on constitutional reform based on the San Andres Accords to the EZLN and federal government delegations. The proposal is to be accepted or rejected without modification.


The EZLN accepts the proposed law, the government attempts to make changes to it.

Throughout 1995 & 1996

Violence in the Northern Zone (assassinations, displacements, ambushes, roadblocks, etc.) The majority of the actions are attributed to the group ‘Paz y Justicia’ (Peace and Justice) and ‘Los Chinchulines’ in the area of Chilón-Bachajón.