ANALYSIS: Between War and Peace

Values that inform our way of action

For those who make up SIPAZ, humanism, the commitment to nonviolent activism, and/or faith are sources of inspiration and a force in our shared work for peace. SIPAZ is:

  • Pro-active: The primary purpose of SIPAZ is not to react to confrontations or violations of human rights, but to actively promote communication and dialogue.
  • Supportive, not a leader: Instead of proposing solutions, SIPAZ is primarily concerned with improving the context in which Mexicans are working.
  • Politically independent: In order to establish and maintain our identity as objective and credible observers, SIPAZ must not be part of nor under the direction of any side of the existing socio-political conflicts, and must strive to observe and inform without political prejudice. Although we cannot be neutral in what are regarded as human rights violations, we recognize that any real solution requires the participation of all actors involved in the conflicts.
  • Non-violent: We believe in the power of truth. We will not use any violence, either in words, actions, or attitudes. We try to see everyone as a potential participant in the creation of changes and solutions, and we seek to establish relationships of mutual respect with them.
  • Respectful of the identity and diversity of every person and all peoples.