S.I. 3 – Education
S.I. 5 – Land

S.I. 4 – Health

  • Guerrero is the third lowest state in Mexico in regards to the right to health services, with 53.3% (INEGI 2010). In Guerrero there are 1.4 doctors per thousand inhabitants which positions the state in the 21st place in the nation. In terms of hospital admissions, the entity is in the 31st place nationally. (Source: INEGI 2009)
  • In Guerrero, 19.3 children under one year old die per thousand live births while the national average is 13.7 (INEGI 2011).
  • The “Index of Mexican Children’s Rights” that measures the availability and quality of basic services in relation to health, education, nutrition and other important areas of early childhood ranked Guerrero as the state with the lowest score (2.90). The entire territory of Mexico reached 5.71 on a scale of 0 to 10. (Source: UNICEF 2005)
  • In Guerrero, 49% of children entering primary school are malnourished and 45% suffer from it when thet finish it. Source: National Institute for Educational Evaluation (INEE), 2007.
  • Guerrero is first highest in Mexico in regards to the maternal mortality rate: for every 100 000 births, there are 114.2 deaths, followed by Oaxaca and Chihuahua, 102.7 and 99.2 respectively (INEGI 2010 ).
  • While Guerrero, with an average of 2.3 children per woman, has the highest fertility rate in the country (CONAPO 2009), there is a lack of attention to women in their childbearing years. In Guerrero, 55.7% of female deaths in hospitals occur during pregnancy, childbirth or the postpartum period (compared with 49.7% nationally). (Source: INEGI 2006)