SI 1 – Incomes
SI 3 – Education

SI 2 – Right to adequate housing

A large percentage of homes in Chiapas do not meet the minimum conditions for adequate housing. Across the state:

  • 26.5% of homes do not have running water;
  • 4.1% do not have electricity;
  • 16.6% have no sewage or drainage system;
  • 15.2% have dirt floors;
  • 85.7% cook with wood or coal.
  • 53.65% of the homes suffer from some kind of overcrowding. Chiapas is still the state with more people per household, though the average number has reduced to 4.4 people per house.
  • Only about 16.35% of households have a landline; 12.6%, a computer; 7.2% Internet access; 19.2%, a car or a truck. Chiapas ranks last nationally regarding these four aspects.

Fuentes: INEGI 2010

For several year, there has been a social movement in resistance against high electricity costs in Chiapas. The movement considers that free access to electricity is a human and constitutional right, as the electricity is sourced from natural resources located in territory where the majority of the state’s indigenous population lives. Since 2009, many have joined the National Network of Civil Resistance against high electricity costs.