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ANALYSIS : Mexico – Breach between government and society en route to elections


  • Between January 1st 1999 to June 30, 2011, Guerrero received 150.7 million dollars of foreign direct investment. The countries with the highest participation were: United States of America, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain and Canada. Investments were made primarily in the economic sectors of the services of temporary accommodation and food and beverage preparation, real estate and rental and intangible personal property and construction.

Source: INEGI 2010

  • Most mining companies that operate in the state of Guerrero and that have business plans in the territories of the Montaña and the Costa Chica regions are mainly multinational capital led by Canadian companies like Barrick and Goldcorp, followed by the U.S. Renco Group company, Freeport-MacMoran and CopeerGold; British capital, with Hoschmin and Chinese capital, with Blliton and Mitsubishi. At a national level, the most powerful company is represented by the Grupo Mexico-Peñoles, which is also known for its many violations of labor rights.

Source: Report XVI Struggling to build the dawn of justice, Human Rights Centre Tlachinollan, 2011.