ANALYSIS: Between War and Peace


Since 1995, this permanent program, supported by its international coalition of civil organizations and religious groups, plays a role in preventing socio-political violence in communities in Chiapas as well as Oaxaca and Guerrero, operating from a non-violent philosophy that stresses the construction of a positive peace in these states.

What do we mean by … ?

  • deterrence: The accompaniment that we carry out is a measure for the protection of our community partners and for the prevention of hostilities and violent attacks, so that the threatened people and groups that we work with can securely carry out their work for peace and human rights.
  • Positive peace: Positive peace is not the mere absence of war or direct and visible violence, but rather the result of the respect of dignity, human rights of every person and people, social harmony, equality, justice, and, therefore, a radical change in society. This peace is not the absence of conflicts, but the ability to respond to such conflicts in a nonviolent, cooperative way.