SIPAZ Report Vol. XVI Nº 2 – May 2011

Javier Sicilia © AP - Antonio Sierra

ANALYSIS : National mobilization against violence

The violence that has overtaken Mexico in recent years, far from ceasing to be news, continues being the question of most concern for the nation. On […]
Sit-in by members of CECOP against the construction of the La Parota dam, Guerrero © SIPAZ

IN FOCUS : Represas Dams in Southeastern Mexico – To defend water is to defend life

For the past 14 years, March 14 is celebrated globally as the International Day of Action against Dams. This year in Mexico several activities and marches […]
8 March, International Women’s Day, Las Abejas in front of the military base © SIPAZ

ARTICLE : March 8 in Chiapas – Women amidst pain, courage, and resistance

This year in Chiapas women and men united to celebrate the centennial of the institution of International Women’s Day. During 7 and 8 March, some 5000 […]

SIPAZ Activities (From mid-February to mid-May 2011)

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE AND ACCOMPANIMENT CHIAPAS Highlands In March, SIPAZ visited Margarita Martínez, human-rights defender who has received several death-threats and been attacked over the past year. […]