SIPAZ Report Vol. XV Nº 4 – November 2010

Gabriela Knaul, UN Special Rapporteur for the Independence of Judges and Magistrates © CENCOS

ANALYSIS : Progress, stagnation or deterioration?

On Oct. 18, president Felipe Calderon proposed a reform to the legal code pertaining to military and legislative justice. Mexican civil society had called for reform […]
© Saúl Cerdá

IN FOCUS : Hunger in Mexico – an increasingly common phenomenon likely to be resolved by means of profound social change

In light of the imminent sixteenth Conference of Parties (COP-16) on climate change that will be held at the end of November in Cancún, the International […]

ARTICLE : The struggle of women against exclusion

        “We have seen aspects of culture that should be maintained from our ancestors but that the customs of some communities aren’t all […]

SIPAZ Activities (From mid-August to mid-November 2010)

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE AND ACCOMPANIMENT CHIAPAS Northern Zone In September and October, we visited several communities in the zone below Tila to interview different actors of the […]