SIPAZ Report Vol. XIII Nº 4 – December 2008

Mexican citizens protest the high price of corn ©

ANALYSIS : Mexico, A Bleak Picture

The backdrop of the global economic crisis has led to predictions that Mexico is entering a stage of general economic deceleration at every level but mainly […]
Map of mining concessions in Chiapas (click to zoom)

IN FOCUS : Mining in Chiapas – A New threat for the survival of indigenous peoples

Until recently the state of Chiapas, which is one of the richest in Mexico in terms of natural resources (in 2001 it produced 47% of natural […]

SIPAZ Activities (Early August to late November 2008)

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE AND ACCOMPANIMENT Public Relations In early September, SIPAZ met with the Ambassador and the Secretary of the Political Section of the Swedish Embassy, as […]