SIPAZ Report Vol. XIII Nº 1 – February 2008


ANALYSIS: Mexico 2008, Turbulence on the horizon?

NAFTA and social discontent According to the majority of Mexican social and civilian organizations, we’re facing a dark panorama as we enter 2008. These organizations highlight […]

IN FOCUS: Impunity and the responsibility of Mexican authorities in the Acteal case

“The killing of 46 defenseless civilians in Acteal, in December 1997, by a group of people bearing high-power weapons, is without doubt the gravest and most […]

SIPAZ Activities (From mid-October 2007 to mid-January 2008)

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE AND ACCOMPANIMENT PUBLIC RELATIONS On 2 November, SIPAZ participated in a meeting with all of the European Union Embassies, held in San Cristóbal de […]