SIPAZ Report Vol. XII N° 2 – August 2007

Concentration of AMLO in the Zocalo

ANALYSIS: Mexico – A year after the 2006 elections

It has been a year, in an over heated social context, since it was predicted that the incoming government of Felipe Calderón would face a series […]
Military vehicle in the Community of Zapata, Municipal of San Manuel, Chiapas © SIPAZ

IN FOCUS: Militarization in Mexico – A threat to human rights

“Without the loyalty of the armed forces, the struggle to maintain liberty, democracy, justice, law and order would be erratic and impassable.“General Guillermo Galvàn Galvàn, Mexican […]

SIPAZ Activities (March – July 2007)

International Presence and Accompaniment The Situation of Human Rights Defenders In June, we participated in a meeting with 15 European embassies in Mexico City that addressed […]