SIPAZ Report Vol. VIII N° 3 – December 2003


UPDATE: Chiapas, ten years after the armed uprising

September marked seven years since the suspension of talks between the federal government and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN). On November 17th, the EZLN […]
The police during the WTO summit in Cancún, September 2003

FEATURE: Bridges of Words Constructed Between Civil Society and the EZLN

“We will be compatriots and contemporaries of everyone who has a will to justice and a will to beauty, having been born where they were born, […]
US-Mexico Border © BBC

ARTICLE: A tour of the other side of the border…

Part of my work at SIPAZ consists of receiving visitors and delegations, many of which arrive from the United States. Also, volunteers from the U.S. come […]

SIPAZ Actvities (September – November 2003)

Human Rights Observing