SIPAZ Report Vol. IX N° 4 – December 2004

Pablo Salazar Mendiguchía © Expediente 2010

ANALYSIS: Elections in Chiapas, who won?

On October 3rd elections were held in Chiapas in order to select 118 municipal presidents and 40 local representatives for the State Congress.
"The Better Life Tarriff" © SIPAZ

IN FOCUS: Refusing to pay for the lights, local struggle against privatization

‘No Payment’ For Electricity And The ‘Better Life Tariff’

ARTICLE: School of the Americas, “no más, no more”

© SIPAZ Sunday, November 21st: The day begins cloudy and the street slowly starts to fill with people who gather in front of the entrance to […]

SIPAZ Activities (October – December 2004)

ACCOMPANIMENT In October and November, we met with the Councils of Good Government of the five Zapatista “caracoles“. We carried out election observation in the Chenalhó […]