SIPAZ Report Vol. II N° 3 – July 1997


ANALYSIS: Reconciliation, An Opportunity for Peace

Chiapas: Elections in a mine field Analysts of all political persuasions agree that the July 6 Congressional and Gubernatorial elections will be a watershed in the […]

IN FOCUS: Reconciliation: An Opportunity for Peace / “A Culture of Intolerance Prevails in Chiapas “… / “Our Grandparents Pray to Mother Earth and Father Sun to Keep the Community Together …”

Reconciliation: An Opportunity for Peace INTRODUCTION: A heartrending reality Throughout Mexico social polarization has been worsening. Whichever way one looks at Mexican society, one observes an […]

SIPAZ Activities (April – June 1997)

Between April and June 1997 the team engaged in the following activities: Organization and accompaniment of a delegation of Christian Peace Teams from the United States […]