UPDATE I: Chiapas, Hot spots multiplying in high tension context


25 January: The Agrarian Forum Against Repression and Para-militarism is founded in the city of Tuxtepec, with more than forty social, indigenous and independent organizations and trade unions from all over the country attending. They demand a complete end to repression against communities and social leaders. Although this chronology cannot include all the facts, there is ongoing repression against several social organizations including the CIPO-RFM, Coordinadora Oaxaqueña Magonista Popular Antineoliberal (COMPA), Frente Popular Revolucionario (FPR) and Comité de Defensa Ciudadana (CODECI).

14 May: Carlos Manzo, leader of the Citizen Council of Union Hidalgo and member of the Ojarasca culture section in the La Jornada newspaper, is arrested.