SUMMARY: Recommended Actions


26 March 2000: soldiers from the 49th Infantry Battalion disarm members of the Community Police in Pueblo Hidalgo, in the municipality of San Luis Acatlán.

9 July 2000: Father Mario Campos Hernández, adviser to the organization, is detained by the Judicial State Police accused of burglary. Facing heavy pressure to release him from the communities in which Father Campos Hernández works, the police withdraws their charges.

3 August 2000: in Xochistlahuaca (Costa Chica), the Council of the Amuzga Nation receives intimidations, threats and aggressions by PRI members, in response to their protest against the municipal president Aceadeth Rocha who doesn’t respect their system of community norms and traditional customs.

August 2000: despite the recommendation made by the CNDH and international pressure, the farmer-ecologist Rodolfo Montiel is sentenced to 6 years and 8 months in prison for the crimes of planting marijuana, illegally carrying firearms without a license, and carrying firearms exclusively permitted for military use. Teodoro Cabrera is sentenced to 10 years in prison for the crime of carrying firearms exclusively permitted for military use.

16 September 2000: Father Mario Campos Hernández is attacked by a group of armed assailants. The priest attributes the attack, in addition to other intimidations and death threats, to his role in the struggle on behalf of marginalized populations, work that affects the political and economic interests of the PRI-affiliated plantation owners in the region.

18 September 2000: agents of the Guerrero State Judicial Police (PJEG) detains Bruno Plácido Valerio, adviser to the Community Police, accusing him of raping four Mixteca women. The accusation is denied by the alleged victims. The Center for Human Rights of the Montaña Tlachinollan and the Guerrero Council on 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance denounces the campaign against the Community Police and demanded the immediate release of Bruno Plácido Valerio.

20 October 2000: the police arrests Agustín Barrera Cosme, chief commander of the Community Police. Upon finding no evidence to bring against him, he is released after a while.