SIPAZ Activities (August – October 2000)


11th of January

The EZLN rejects the government counterproposal and announces that it will not return to the negotiating table until the San Andres Accords are fulfilled.

16th of February

More than 10,000 indigenous Zapatistas march in San Cristóbal to demand compliance with the San Andres Accords and in support of the COCOPA initiative.

14th of March

State police launch an assault on civilians sympathetic to the EZLN in San Pedro Nixtalucum (Municipality of El Bosque), leaving 4 dead, 29 wounded, 27 detained and 300 displaced.

25th of April

200 displaced indigenous Chol people from the Northern zone of Chiapas break the siege of “Peace and Justice” with the caravan “Wejlel” (liberty, in the Chol language) and march to the state capital to demand solutions for the situation in their region. They maintain a vigil for 87 days in front of the Government Palace without being heeded by the state government.

6th of July

In the national elections, the PRI loses its majority in the House of Representatives. In Mexico City, the PRD wins the mayoralty. In Chiapas irregularities, violence and strong absenteeism are reported.

8th of September

1,111 Zapatista delegates march to Mexico City to attend the second National Indigenous Congress and to demand fulfilment of the San Andres Accords. They participate in the founding congress of the Zapatista Front for National Liberation (FZLN).

4th of November

Attack on the Bishops of the Diocese of San Cristóbal de Las Casas near Tila, in the Northern zone of Chiapas.

29th of November

Ten thousand indigenous Mexicans from different regions of Chiapas hold a march in San Cristóbal to demand the fulfilment of the San Andres Accords.

End of November

More than 4,500 indigenous people (from the “Las Abejas” community and other Zapatista sympathizers) flee violence in the municipality of Chenalhó.

8th of December

Mexico and the European Union sign an agreement to open negotiations for a free trade agreement to start the following year.

11th of December

The authorities of the municipality of Chenalhó and of the autonomous municipality of Polhó agree to put a definitive stop to the conflict between the two parties. They begin a series of meetings, an initiative that fails on the 19th of December because of mistrust on both sides.

22nd of December

45 people from to the civil group”Las Abejas, the majority of them women and children refugees, are massacred by paramilitaries at the village of Acteal in the municipality of Chenalhó.

End of December

A number of people are detained for presumed participation in the massacre at Acteal; these include the Commander of Public Security and the PRI president of the municipality of Chenalhó. The government sends 5,000 soldiers to Chiapas, and stations 2,000 in Chenalhó.